107.7: the motorway radio station, for safer driving

APRR Group

The “You already know it” awareness campaign launched by the APRR group aimed at motorway users continues throughout the summer, this week, it is showcasing the Autoroute INFO radio service on 107.7 FM.

For 30 years now, across a network covering more than 2,500 km, Autoroute INFO has set the standard for the country’s travel radio. It primarily broadcasts on APRR group motorways. Claire Dufossé, safety and signage expert at APRR, discusses the radio's safety benefits: “Autoroute INFO is a travel companion that provides information about traffic or incidents on the motorway network (accidents, traffic jams, obstacles, etc.). It also provides safety advice and reports on places to visit to take a break along the way.” This additional bonus for safety "allows us to monitor traffic conditions," continues Claire Dufossé. “It is a service offered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, which alerts drivers in the event of an accident or incident and offers the appropriate safety advice.”
Information from on the ground
All traffic information comes from the APRR Group's operating departments, as Claire Dufossé explains: “This makes it possible to continuously provide information in real time on the progress of an incident. Information coming from on the ground or from the control station, which is transmitted to Autoroute INFO has been verified. It is the most reliable source to find out about the progress of an incident”.
Responsiveness that is close to real time
One particular case where the radio’s responsiveness is particularly useful is wrong-way driver alerts. “When a wrong-way driver is reported, the entire information chain is triggered,” explains Claire Dufossé. A patrol officer is sent out on the ground and the alert is communicated as quickly as possible to Autoroute INFO to indicate the location of the incident and the guidance to follow. This increases the number of real-time means of communication, as the signs above the motorway work with Autoroute INFO, which can give more detailed information."
For information on traffic and safety, as well as weather conditions, business and tourism reports and all the music programming, tune in on 107.7 FM, on the website autorouteinfo.fr and on the Autoroute-info app.

See you next week for a new road safety topic!