In 2024, the Industrialized Solutions division of Eiffage Construction becomes the Eiffage Construction Off-Site division.

Construction Division

In 2024, Eiffage Construction's Industrialized Solutions division becomes the Eiffage Construction Hors-Site division! This change provides a unique entry point in terms of off-site expertise within the Eiffage group. Let us tell you the story of this evolution!

Industrialized Solutions in Off-Site Construction
The history of off-site construction at Eiffage began in 2008 when Eiffage Construction established HVA Concept, a custom and series prefab bathroom builder. We were pioneers in off-site construction when, 10 years later, equipped with well-honed expertise and facing a need for process industrialization, Eiffage Construction acquired Savare, an expert in the construction of prefabricated wooden elements. The following year, B3 Ecodesign joined the Eiffage Construction Industrialized Solutions division, bringing expertise in modular building construction using maritime containers!

In 2017, Eiffage Construction launched the general contractor "Eiffage Construction Bois" to provide expertise dedicated entirely to the use of wood on construction sites. Eiffage Construction Bois also joined our cause: developing off-site construction processes.

Respecting our promoter-builder DNA, a specialized service in real estate programs using off-site construction quickly emerged within Eiffage Immobilier. In 2024, the dedicated off-site construction division within Eiffage Construction underwent restructuring:

- Industrial suppliers, experts in their respective fields (Savare, B3 Ecodesign, HVA Concept)
- A specialized general contractor (Eiffage Construction Hors-Site, formerly Eiffage Construction Bois)
- A real estate promotion entity linked to these skills (Eiffage Immobilier Hors-Site).

Naturally, in this new year, we decided to rename our division "Eiffage Construction Hors-Site." This clear name brings together all off-site expertise within Eiffage Construction: a general contractor, a real estate offering, and the provision of 2D and 3D off-site solutions. Starting from off-site as the entry point, you choose the services and/or products that meet your needs.

Harmonizing Off-Site Solutions
Last autumn, the signing of the charter for the development of off-site construction in Paris stirred things up at the national level (read the charter). Several project owners initiated it, in line with the government's desire to reindustrialize France by integrating sustainable development challenges, especially in the construction sector.

At Eiffage Construction, the goal is to harmonize activities around comprehensive expertise and complementary off-site solutions.

Eiffage Construction Bois was already involved in programs combining several wood construction techniques. By becoming the general contractor "Eiffage Construction Hors-Site," it positions itself on wood construction sites and can also implement all off-site solutions such as wood frames and panels, 3D structural modulars (maritime containers or hybrid modules), and non-structural components.

Eiffage Immobilier Hors-Site follows the same logic. "After three years of existence, it's an evolution that responds to a changing context and a desire to build differently while benefiting from the advantages of off-site construction, including reduced delays and site nuisances," says Thomas Doyon, Territorial Director of Eiffage Immobilier Hors-Site.

Focus on Innovations for Eiffage Immobilier Hors-Site:
- Repositioning activity in the 1st and 2nd Parisian crowns, with a focus on larger operations (with no height or number of housing limits). Collective projects include developments of managed residences (senior residences and hospitality) or office buildings.
- Repositioning B3 Ecodesign as a supplier of relocatable modular buildings suitable for emergency, seasonal, highway, or student accommodations. New joint projects are emerging.
- City densification also favors rehabilitation projects that off-site construction is well-suited for.