3 hits in 1: Eiffage Construction selected for the rehabilitation of 144 dwellings in 3 municipalities in Lorraine

Construction Division

Meurthe and Moselle Habitat entrusts the Eiffage Construction teams with the rehabilitation of 144 housing units, spread over three municipalities in Lorraine: Joeuf, Vézelise and Dieulouard. Designed by the Atelier du Rempart architectural firm, this renovation will enable you to achieve a Qualitel and BBC Renovation certification on the 5 renovated buildings.

Eiffage Construction has just won the tender launched by Meurthe and Moselle Habitat for the rehabilitation of five buildings in the Lorraine region. Work will begin in July and will include:

  • In Vézelize: The complete demolition of 2 buildings R+3 allowing to free up parking areas and landscaped areas and the rehabilitation of 3 buildings R+3 (24 dwellings).
  • In Dieulouard: The one-room R+4 rehabilitation of 70 dwellings.
  • In Joeuf: The rehabilitation of 2 buildings in R+4 or 50 dwellings.

Rehabilitation of buildings in occupied sites will include asbestos abatement, external thermal insulation, roof repairs, replacement of exterior joinery, replacement of individual boilers and ventilation, electrical repairs, replacement of sanitary fixtures, rehabilitation of some wet rooms, rehabilitation of common areas and development of dwellings on the ground floor to accommodate persons with reduced mobility.
This project confirms Eiffage Construction’s expertise in the rehabilitation of buildings in line with the renovation of 1096 housing units for Versailles Habitat, the rehabilitation and new construction of a boarding school in Uzès or the energy renovation of five school groups in Brest.