3.0 waste sorting at the Jugy rest area on the A6 motorway

Concessions Division

One of the main objectives of Eiffage’s sustainable development policy is to reduce the ecological footprint of its business activities, while preserving natural resources and limiting or avoiding negative external impacts (pollution, discharges, etc.). To this end, teams are taking and deploying numerous initiatives to reduce the impact of their activities on soil, water, air and natural environments. The issue of pollution is being tackled in the field at construction site and activities level.

As detailed in the 2019 Statement on extra-financial performance (Déclaration de performance extra-financière 2019), motorway concessions companies have been trialing experimental systems at the Jugy rest area on the A6 motorway, south of Chalon-sur-Saône (Saône-et-Loire). Trials were carried out in 2019 using connected devices installed by teams from Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, to reinforce security and improve quality of service for customers, while optimising daily operations for highway maintenance personnel and improving environmental protection. Sensors installed on waste sorting containers measure how full they are in order to avoid overflowing. This system also enables collection rounds to be optimised, thus reducing carbon emissions.
In addition, connected design ashtrays called Cy-Clopeurs, encourage smokers to recycle their cigarette butts. This solution developed by Cy-Clope with support from the Chimirec group, makes it possible to transform cigarette butts into a powder for use in the cement industry in particular. Given that cigarette butts have been classified as “hazardous waste” since 2017, this solution represents a locally anchored circuit developed to recycle a waste product that would otherwise cause water and soil pollution.
More information on these innovative solutions can be found in the 2019 Statement on extra-financial performance (Déclaration de performance extra-financière 2019) included in the Universal Registration Document (from page 296)