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5th symposium of the Bretagne Pays de la Loire High-Speed Rail Line observatory

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Save the date : the annual Symposium of the BPL High-Speed Rail Line observatory will take place at Natur’Eau Parc Echologia near Laval on Friday 27 September.

This year, the observatory’s symposium will focus on the environment. It will be held near Laval at Natur’Eau Parc Echologia to review the first environmental impacts two years after the commissioning of the Bretagne Pays de la Loire High-Speed Rail Line (LGV BPL).

The symposium will be an opportunity to share the results of studies carried out and to assess the contribution of this follow-up on both a local scale and in the scientific sphere.

Several speakers will deliver addresses throughout the morning dedicated to presenting the work accomplished, while the afternoon session will focus on the environmental monitoring techniques and methods implemented in the context of the observatory to combine theory with practice.

The format is intentionally educational to raise awareness among the population and decision-makers of the advantages of implementing observation tools like the LGV BPL observatory. We hope to see many of you at this event on Friday 27 September 2019 from 9:30 am to 4:30 pm.

For more information: lgv.bpl@eiffage.com