62 Louvre

62 Louvre: offices in the heart of the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, renovated by Pradeau Morin and extended by Savare

Construction Division

Pradeau Morin is demonstrating its expertise by renovating a 3,300 m2 office building in the rue du Louvre using a "top and bottom" approach. Savare, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, will create a wooden extension. This rehabilitation project is exemplary in every way, since after the renovation work, the operation will display a "low-carbon" identity by aiming for the highest levels of environmental certification and labels.

Pradeau Morin has moved to 62 rue du Louvre, in Paris, until the first quarter of 2024. The teams will be carrying out the major refurbishment of a building of almost 3,300 sq. metres, consisting of eight levels and two basement levels (dedicated to premises and changing rooms).

Savare, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, along with Pradeau Morin, will create a wooden extension, from the ground floor to the sixth floor, in the building's existing inner courtyard. The extension will have five levels of CLT (cross-laminated timber) flooring with a MOB (timber frame wall) façade.

As the construction schedule is very short (the work should not exceed one and a half years), the construction of the vertical units will be carried out using the "top & bottom" technique, which saves a great deal of time; the teams will carry out their infrastructure and superstructure work in parallel, superimposed on each other and separated by a transfer floor. In order to carry out this ambitious project, 100 workers are expected during the peak period, including 20 Pradeau Morin workers.

This operation is part of the Eiffage Group's environmental approach, aiming for Breeam Excellent level, HQE Bâtiment durable excellent level, BBCA Performance level, WiredScore gold level, SmartScore gold level and Well HSR certifications and labels.

Congratulations to our teams for this challenging project!

Owner: a real estate fund of Primonial REIM France
Delegated project manager: Alamo
Project manager: Bouchaud Architectes