The A31 highway sees life in the Vosges!

APRR Group

On Monday January 29, Philippe Nourry, President of Eiffage's motorway concessions in France, and François Vannson, President of the Vosges departmental council, inaugurated the new cultural and tourist panels along the 48 km of the A31 freeway in the Vosges, at the Hôtel du Département in Épinal, in the presence of the artist Zoé. 7 millions motorists will be able to discover different facets of the Vosges region.

Based, as required by regulations, on "subjects" accessible from the motorway junctions, the series of 7 new illustrations presents diverse facets of the Vosges region on 9 new panels spread across the entire length of the department:
- Épinal, the town where the imagery of the same name was created,
- Neufchâteau, a remarkable town square,
- Grand, a Gallo-Roman archaeological site,
- Domrémy, birthplace of Joan of Arc,
- Mirecourt, the French capital of violin making,
- Nature in the Vosges,
- Contrexéville and Vittel, 2 nearby spa towns.

By committing to a complete renewal of the 600 brown panels, APRR is now offering each département the opportunity to express its identity and the richness of its cultural and intangible heritage. 
The method deployed for this project has been entirely rethought and built on two pillars: consistency and boldness.
- "Consistency", through a graphic charter that is consistent from one territory to the next, a highly visible format and the use of the latest techniques available around the regulatory colors. The result is an iconic totem for the region, breaking with the traditional codes of this type of signage. 
- "Boldness", by calling on internationally renowned artists, each assigned to a specific itinerary. APRR transforms the freeway into an open-air art gallery. Each motorway sign becomes an open window onto "elsewhere", an invitation to travel differently.  To mark the installation of 9 new billboards in the Voges département, Zoé, a press and corporate illustrator, took part in the exercise.

The revival of the brown panels is part of APRR's proactive approach to promoting regional tourism and economic development. The quality of the illustrations and their modernity are unanimously appreciated, and inevitably attract the attention of many motorists. These signs are seen by 80% of them. According to surveys, a quarter of customers questioned say that these signs make them want to discover the area. As a promotional tool, these signs become a driving force for the region. Created in the 1970s, the "brown panels" for cultural and tourist attractions are a tool to combat hypovigilance. They aim to break the monotony of freeway driving by dispelling the impression of a "closed world" felt by most motorists. It's important to interact without distracting, and encouraging the desire for a break or a relaxing getaway in the heart of the Vosges department.
In just a few months, all the départements crossed by the APRR & AREA networks will have new cultural and tourist panels: a veritable open-air art gallery!