13112020- ADP

Ævia for ADP: a driven drum disassembly

Infrastructures Division

Three years was the initial duration planned for the dismantling of the louvers of the A1 freeway under the runways of the Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport.

Seven months was the time it took Ævia's field teams to carry out this sensitive intervention, requiring cuts to the freeway and airport runways. This time frame was made possible thanks to meticulous preparation launched in January and the unfailing mobilization of our teams from March to October, to evacuate no less than 70 transverse beams (28 to 34m and nearly 10t), 125 longitudinal beams (7.5m and over 8t) and 74 posts (6.5m and nearly 4t).

At the height of the activity, up to 35 people were mobilized on the site where important material means (scaffolding, trucks, gondolas, forklifts, cranes, saws...) were also deployed for a result up to the height: 2000t of prestressed reinforced concrete evacuated in 24 nights...

Photos Credit: Sernavision