In the Alpes-Maritimes, Eiffage Civil Engineering has delivered Lot 1 of the Paoute interchange

Infrastructures Division

This interchange between the roundabout of La Paoute and the RD6185 connects Grasse to Cannes.

This project, aimed at improving traffic flow in the region, required the displacement of over 100,000 cubic meters of excavated materials, including nearly 55,000 cubic meters of rock, with 33,000 cubic meters transported via conveyor belt under a road with 2 x 2 lanes of traffic.

The expertise of Forézienne teams combined with the commitments of the Alpes-Maritimes Department regarding environmental and sustainable development allowed for the reuse of 99% of the excavation materials from the site.

An optimization of earth movement, which notably contributed to reducing the carbon footprint of the project by 1,495 tons of CO2 equivalent.

The works were completed in January 2024. The new interchange will be operational after the delivery of lots 2 and 3, scheduled for the end of the first semester.

Congratulations to the teams for their dedication and professionalism throughout this project! This success marks an important milestone in the improvement of the region's road network.

Consortium: Eiffage Génie Civil (Lead Contractor) / Forézienne / Berthold

Credit : Atypix