APRR recognised on the international stage again for its commitment to the environnement

APRR Group

APRR continues its progress in the GRESB non-financial assessment with 10 points more than in 2020.

The GRESB (Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) is a private body which every year assesses and compares the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of different companies worldwide. 

It is recognised by the financial markets as the provider of standardised, validated data and is a reference in the English-speaking business community. APRR has been rated by the GRESB since 2017. 

This year, APRR scored 87 out of 100, which is 10 points more than in 2020 and 48 points more than in 2017! 

This score means it keeps its number two ranking in its business sector in Europe (out of seven organisations assessed) and is an opportunity for it to showcase both its commitment and its results, as regards the ecological transition, how it takes the challenges facing society into account and how adaptable its governance is.

The ESG criteria also help investors make their choices, with APRR’s score giving them visibility of its CSR performance, over and beyond its financial results alone, and enhancing its attractiveness.