APRR serving local agriculture

APRR Group

As part of the project to convert 10 km of the A75 south of Clermont-Ferrand into 2 x 3 lanes, APRR has launched an innovative call for proposals for collective agricultural compensation. The group is providing a budget of 250,000 euros for farmers with the aim of boosting the local economy and promoting employment. 

Partnering the Grand Clermont regional authorities and the farming community, APRR wanted to do more than just make a simple financial contribution to farms affected by the construction work of the A75. APRR thus launched a call for collective compensation proposals to see if actions with strong added value for the local economy and farming could be found. This was a unique agricultural compensation initiative, never before seen in the département.

A unique call for proposals at the service of the region 
A steering committee was set up to work with APRR. It comprised the government, the Grand Clermont region and the Puy-de-Dôme Chamber of Agriculture. This committee drew up and then launched the call for proposals in May 2019. The criteria were of three types: developing activities and employment based on projects promoted by public interest entities; bringing benefits to the two suburban area communities affected by the A75 roadworks; promoting the diversification of production, technological innovation, processing, marketing and short supply chains.

Supporting 4 projects with strong added value
Twelve applicants responded to the call for proposals and were submitted to the steering committee. Four of these were projects with a strong local attachment to the Clermont-Ferrand area, and were accepted due their relevance and usefulness. The projects ranged from developing an orchard-grower training school, creating a meat-cutting plant for the Dôme Sancy Élevage livestock farmers, promoting pink garlic from Billom and opening a semi-wholesale supply platform for local organic products in the Clermont-Ferrand area. Depending on the project, funding of between 40 and 80% was granted. The APRR group contributed a total of 250,000 euros. An agreement was signed for each project between APRR and the selected entities. The steering committee will supervise completion of the work on the four projects. 

More information can be found on the website