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Article 1 and Positive Planet: Volunteering opportunities for everyone

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The Eiffage Foundation has been supporting the Article 1 and Positive Planet associations since 2015. These partnerships include volunteering on the part of Eiffage employees. For the past six years, numerous employees have volunteered their time according to their skills, affinities and availability, to help young and older people who are keen to learn. Find out more about which type of volunteering opportunity could suit you!  

Article 1: Taking control of the future!

Every year, Article 1 provides support to nearly 12,000 young people from disadvantaged backgrounds all over France, to help them succeed in their studies and their professional integration. Since 2015, more than 150 Group employees have been involved in supporting students through individual mentoring activities or by running workshops.

Article 1 offers 2 types of volunteering opportunities:

•    Student mentoring: 

Registration: Up until November for the 2021-2022 academic year
Long-term commitment: 1 to 3 years 
Open to all employees 
Objectives: Support the student in their studies and career choices, boost their confidence, introduce them to the corporate environment, corporate codes, etc.
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•    The 1A1 initiative: 

The 1A1 initiative was created as a result of the “Succès Viral” movement, launched during the first lockdown in March 2020, which enabled 3,000 students to access emergency support! 
Registration: Any time
Short-term commitment: 3 months renewable 
Objective: Support students in their studies, including preparation for exams or competitive entrance tests, work methods, finding an internship or a work-study placement, practising English, etc.
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Positive Planet: Get involved in a positive economy!

Since 2015, the Eiffage Foundation has been providing financial support to help Positive Planet France develop its national branches. Positive Planet is an association that acts to promote entrepreneurship as a solution to fight unemployment and build a better future. The association works with all types of people but particularly those from priority neighbourhoods, job seekers, people on minimum social benefits and those lacking qualifications or at risk of social exclusion.
Positive Planet is looking for “Positive League” volunteers who can assist entrepreneurs in setting up their projects via expert advice helpdesks or collective workshops, and contribute to the development of these businesses through mentoring activities or participating in networking events.

Positive Planet offers 3 types of “Positive League” volunteering opportunities: 

•    Mentoring: 

Registration: All year round
Commitment: 12 months minimum 
Objective: Mentor an entrepreneur (individual support)

•    Workshops and expert advice helpdesks: 

Registration: All year round
Commitment: 3 months minimum
Objective: Help run individual helpdesks / collective workshops on the following subjects: communication, legal issues, digital transformation, commercial strategies, etc.

•    RMAE Jury: 

Registration: All year round
Commitment: Occasional 
Objective: Be on the jury for the association’s “Réussir Mon Aventure Entrepreneuriale” (Succeed in My Entrepreneurial Adventure) training qualification

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