Autoroute INFO has just celebrated 30 years on the airwaves!

APRR Group

As it celebrates its 30th birthday, the radio of the APRR & AREA motorways has organised a special event to look back over its 30-year history!

It was thirty years ago that Autoroute INFO 107.7 was first heard on air. This radio station first came about as the convergence of two objectives: APRR wished to broaden its services portfolio, and the Conseil supérieur de l'audiovisuel (CSA, or Higher Audiovisual Council) wanted to experiment with a new type of radio specialising in providing information. Charles Dargent, then deputy CEO of APRR, and Roland Faure, responsible for radio at the CSA at the time, approached Jérôme Bellay, a renowned professional in the sector and initiator of the France Info concept. On 15 October 1991, the first 100 kilometres of APRR motorway were successfully covered by a real time, continuous traffic information programme. To mark this birthday, Autoroute INFO had prepared a one-off programme for this special day on Friday 15 October 2021.
Simultaneously with the usual traffic info flashes and music programme, all of Autoroute INFO’s reporting was devoted to the history of the station: memories of being on air, reports in context, events that marked the schedule (ascent of Mont Blanc live, remote radio broadcasting from a podium truck on motorway stopping areas in summer, Lyon-Moscow by truck, etc.), as well as snippets from listeners and partners, anecdotes and bloopers, backstage at the radio and finding out more about the different types of jobs at the radio station, etc.
An anniversary filled with stories and emotional recollections from the pioneer of motorway radio on 107.7, also the first radio heard by clients of the APRR & AREA networks.