Be sober and keep control at the wheel

APRR Group

The final part of the “You already know” campaign launched by the APRR group is about drink driving: one of the leading causes of road deaths in France. A plague that also affects the motorway network.


When you think of "drink driving", you might imagine this was less about motorways, with their long daytime journeys or holiday trips. Yet alcohol and drugs are among the leading factors of fatal motorway accidents.
APRR safety and signalling expert Claire Dufossé explains: “On the motorway too, there are alcohol-related accidents. Don’t drink over the authorised limit, or at all, before taking the wheel in order to react appropriately in the event of an incident. When we drink, our perception changes and our reaction time increases. And this can happen coming back from an evening out or after stopping at a motorway service area.”
The evening captain or Sam – the character created by Road Safety – remains valid even on major roads such as urban motorways. Sam is a driver who takes the wheel sober! 

Beware of side effects of medicines
The limit is 0.5 g of alcohol per litre of blood, except for drivers who hold a probationary licence or who are learning to drive, for which the limit is 0.2 g per litre of blood. After one glass, there is a high risk of exceeding the authorised limit. Reckless drivers then risk a 6-point deduction from their driving licence, a fixed fine of €135, the immobilisation of their vehicle and the suspension of their licence (up to 3 years).
And it’s not just alcohol, it’s drugs too, as Claire Dufossé points out: “Drugs also have an impact on perception and reaction time. Some medicines may also cause loss of alertness. You should read the packs or talk to your doctor to find out if you can drive or not". Finally, but “you already know”: never combine alcohol and medication, even several hours before hitting the road.
The APRR group’s communication campaign is displayed at the tolls, its service areas and on its variable message signs. It is also featured on the Autoroute INFO airwaves (107.7), the APRR social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter) and the Waze app.
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