Between air and sea: Eiffage Construction will carry out the maintenance base of the Fécamp's Wind Farm in the Sea

Construction Division

The Fécamp's Wind Farm in the Sea is one of the seven offshore wind farm sites in France that will enter into service between 2022 and 2027. With Fécamp's site scheduled to open in 2023, it is one of the pioneering projects in this area, in which our teams will participate. By building the maintenance base of this wind farm, we participate in the launch of the dynamic around this key topic in the ecological transition of our energies and its proper functioning.

Participating in the ecological transition is one of the major challenges of the Eiffage Group and our businesses, as our 2020 climate report shows.

Eiffage Construction, through its expertise, actively participates in this issue of ecological transition, by applying for projects with an environmental dimension. And it is by winning this operation that our teams in the Northwest of France have taken a step in this direction recently, with the obtaining and signing of the contract to build the Maintenance Base of the Fécamp's Wind Farm!
EDF’s subsidiary, the contracting authority – Les Eoliennes Offshore des Hautes Falaises – awarded this contract to Eiffage Construction last October. It consists of the construction of a maintenance workshop to maintain the offshore wind turbines that will eventually be submerged off Fécamp.

Designed by Agence FRANC – Paris, the 900 m2 R+1 office building will house EDF staff and will be completed with 750 m2 for the maintenance workshop.
The operation also advocates a strong social dimension: local jobs will be promoted, which will contribute to the creation of a new ecosystem, and hours of professional integration will be part of the hours dedicated to the construction of the building.

Work will normally begin in December 2020, with delivery scheduled for the 4th quarter of 2021. The commissioning of the 71 wind turbines that will make up the site and will generate more than 500 MW of electricity is expected by 2023.