Biokrom® becomes Bioklair®

Infrastructures Division

Our ecological and vegetal pavement, initially dedicated to mobility and soft paths, has very quickly found new possibilities of use and development of the living environment.

Today, it is changing its name to be more in line with its positioning and the pleasure it provides to its users. An ideal pavement for cycle paths and pedestrian walkways, made with local aggregates, respectful of the identity of the territory, Bioklair® offers the opportunity of light colors, a natural solution to fight against the phenomenon of heat islands and to adapt to climate change.

Designed in a more open way, Bioklair® also allows water to infiltrate, thus contributing to the de-permeabilization of soils, a major ecological challenge for the years to come. Combined with other systems, also developed by Eiffage (reservoir pavements, vegetated ditches, infiltration basins, etc.), this pavement offers the opportunity for fine management of water resources. Since its creation, a number of alleys, parks, schoolyards, squares and plazas, both sober and respectful of biodiversity, have contributed to a more harmonious living environment. 
A perspective made possible thanks to the two properties, vegetal and clear, of Bioklair®. Bioklair® simply because it is organic and because it is clear!

Photo Credit: Eiffage Route