In Bobigny, Expercité renovates street lighting on a big complex undergoing restructuring work.

Energy Division

The Grand Quadrilatère Urban Renovation Project orchestrated by the municipality of Bobigny (93) provides for the metamorphosis of the Cité de l’Etoile public housing complex initially built in the 1950s. Our teams took part in this huge project, handling the street lighting renewal.  

On this project, our experts coordinated with the road and network maintenance teams. They built cast concrete (or prefabricated) foundations just after the passage of these teams, in order to install the lighting columns and poles for the new streetlamps. All these facilities are equipped with LEDS.  

On completion of the work, 53 sets of lighting facilities will be spread through the Cité de L'Etoile complex: 28 columns, each 5.4 m high (the Modullum model by Comatelec) will be installed in the square and 24 seven-metre-high street lights are to line the streets (each set comprising a Flo pole and Furyo light fixture from Comatelec). This latest-generation equipment was programmed at the factory so that the voltage is lowered during the night. In other words, the light fixtures function 100% until 10 pm, 75% between 10 pm  and midnight, and 50% from midnight to 5 am. This programming, which has become customary on public lighting projects, enables municipalities to make significant energy savings.  

Our electricians will be rolling out 1,260 linear metres of cable overall in order to power the new light sets. Once they have finished, the teams in charge of road and network maintenance will complete their assignment by applying asphalt to the newly-equipped pavements.  

The Cité de L'Etoile was built in 1956 following the Abbé Pierre’s radio appeal in winter 1954, and has been waiting for renovation work since the late 1990s. On the initiative of Emmaus Habitat in charge of the housing rental management, the demolition-reconstruction operation is in progress and should be completed before the summer.  

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