Bocahut wins the "Best Health and Safety Practices" award at the 7th UNPG Sustainable Development Awards

Infrastructures Division

Congratulations to our subsidiary Bocahut, which won the "Best practices in health and safety" prize at the 7th edition of the UNPG* Sustainable Development Awards, thanks to the development of the ePDP web and mobile application !

This competition rewards the best practices in sustainable development of the sector's actors and valorises the companies that have best integrated the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development in their activities.

The ePDP application responds to a need for digitalisation of safety by guaranteeing a better consideration of the risks of co-activity. The procedures are simplified, made reliable and save time. To date, more than 200 prevention plans and 450 transport protocols have been drawn up via the application.

Based on its success, a national deployment is underway!

*UNPG: National Union of Aggregate Producers
Credit: Bocquet