Caius 2024

Caïus 2024: Eiffage wins two awards

Eiffage Group

Daniel Buren's artwork "Like colors fallen from the sky, in situ and in motion," temporarily exhibited at the Liège train station in Belgium and supported by Eiffage, has won two distinctions at Caïus 2024.

During the 30th edition of Caïus, Uhoda Collection, initiator and producer of the project (in main partnership with Eiffage, La Loterie Nationale, Ardent Group, and Vranken-Pommery), won the award for "corporate patron of the year" as well as the "audience award."

The Caïus Awards honor economic operators who financially support, with skills or in kind, the development of culture or the preservation of heritage.

Daniel Buren's awarded artwork will continue to adorn the Liège train station until June 2024. To learn more about this project, click here.