On the CEA Valduc site project, where Eiffage Civil Engineering is the lead contractor, the GRIMP firefighters of Burgundy conducted two intervention exercises.

Infrastructures Division

The agenda for this training day in hazardous environments included two scenarios aimed at achieving three objectives crucial for the successful completion of this major project.

Two scenarios were devised:

  • A crane operator suffered a fainting spell at 50 meters up, requiring evacuation by stretcher via a zip line.
  • A colleague fell from a ladder at the crinoline level, 40 meters high.

Three objectives for the construction site:

  • Test the responsiveness of our teams.
  • Test the emergency call procedure.
  • Test the possibilities for evacuating an employee from the crane to ground level.

This exercise is a best practice that proves essential for optimally preparing the coordination among various project stakeholders in case of an emergency.

Consortium: Eiffage Civil Engineering (lead contractor) - Spie batignolles Civil Engineering

Credit: Hervé Piraud