In the Centre-East of France, Eiffage Construction is committed to the circular economy of construction materials

Construction Division

Our teams in the Centre-East have just signed an agreement with Minéka, an association whose aim is to democratise the practice of re-using materials in the construction industry. By collecting and redistributing materials at fair prices, they are given a second life. This is an excellent initiative that is part of the Eiffage Group's overall approach to sustainable development.

This agreement allows our teams working in the Lyon metropolitan area to collect materials with a high potential for reuse:

  •     wood,
  •     floor coverings,
  •     structural materials,
  •     facade products,
  •     insulation,
  •     networks, etc.

The materials can come from deconstructions, from the end of building sites, from order errors...

Preservation of resources, valorisation of artisanal know-how and popular education on waste reduction, the environmental stakes are high. The economic advantage should also be emphasised: the collection of materials by Minéka is less expensive than their disposal by waste treatment companies.

Congratulations to the Eiffage Construction teams for this great project!