Choose high-performance and comfortable modular living quarters with B3 Ecodesign, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction

Construction Division

B3 Ecodesign, a subsidiary of Eiffage Construction, specialises in modular construction using former shipping containers for all types of buildings: collective housing, offices, shops, schools, restaurants, health establishments, etc. It is now possible to use this low-carbon solution for the living quarters on your building sites! This alternative offers many advantages: in addition to being environmentally friendly, it is modular and ensures a certain level of working comfort.

This solution came from an observation: building sites are increasingly regulated in terms of their carbon and energy performance, not only in the materials and techniques used, but also in all aspects related to the life of the site. In order to respond to this issue, it is essential to think "sustainable development" at 360°, including when it comes to temporary work spaces.

A B3 Ecodesign living quarter is :
- Efficient, thanks to reinforced insulation that provides real working comfort and reduces energy consumption;
- Comfortable, "just like home", with a well thought-out layout thanks to a wooden interior and light inlets;
- Modular, as it can be adapted to all sites depending on the number of workers, constraints and needs;
- Smart design - as its name indicates - with an elegant architecture in which employees feel comfortable.

Don't hesitate any longer, and equip your construction sites with a B3 Ecodesign shipping container!

Contact: info.B3ecodesign@eiffage.com and 02 30 96 45 05