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Civil engineering: a high-tech projector tested at the Biep

Infrastructures Division

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The Biep, Eiffage Génie Civil's design office, has just made available to its designers an intelligent projector developed by the start-up Adok. It saves time in the process of annotating plans and limits the use of paper, by transforming any surface into a touch screen.

This innovative technology, which still has many unexplored cases of use, already allows more efficient meetings to be held and automatically generates reports.
Currently being tested by a design office manager and a business planner in charge of the execution studies for lot 1 of line 16 of the Grand Paris Express, this projector will be the subject of a comparative study to confirm its benefits.

Further units are expected at the Biep in early 2020. They will be used by other project teams.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Génie Civil