Clévia : a key player in Aquatic Centre Energy Performance

Energy Division

Clévia is at the forefront in helping players in the swimming pool sector make the transition to low-carbon facilities. 


Our experts are proud to have recently delivered three brand-new aquatic centres in the Paris region, where energy performance is key to every stage of the project. With our commitment to a global approach to energy performance and our expertise in swimming pool heating, ventilation and water treatment systems, we have successfully met these challenges which are shaping the future of swimming pools in an ever-changing energy context. 

As regards heat production, we adopted a diversified approach to reduce our facilities' carbon footprint. Two distinct systems were implemented. The first is linked to a geothermal-fed urban heating network supported by a boiler house, enabling the pools to be heated while lowering the temperature of the water before returning it to the water table. The second system uses a combination of heat pump and gas-fired boiler. The heat pump operates continuously as long as its energy efficiency is positive, while the gas-fired boiler takes over at low temperatures (below 7°C). These heating methods are embedded in a smart building management system. The initiatives have resulted in a 30% reduction in consumption for the gas/heat pump mix and a 20% reduction for geothermal energy.  

As regards water consumption, two distinct approaches were adopted to maximize the reuse of water lost during washing cycles, renewals and foot baths, with a view to preserving the environment. First, ultrafiltration was chosen. This is a system for filtering wastewater down to the micron scale. When coupled with a programme for monitoring and anticipating filter washing cycles, this technology saves 80% of the water used to wash filters: a reduction of 4,000 m3 of water per year 

Next, a double-tank recovery system was fitted. One tank for treated water is reused, saving 6,800 m3 of water per year. In addition, a water recovery tank for the foot baths was provided, with a heat recovery system to preheat the renewal flow rates in line with regulations. Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is at the forefront of the swimming pool industry's transition to low-carbon facilities. 

Eiffage Énergie Systèmes is at the forefront in helping players in the swimming pool sector make the transition to low-carbon facilities.