Station biogaz EES

Clemessy takes charge of a BioGNV station’s electrical connections, for Robert Forez Énergie

Energy Division

Robert Forez Énergie have been at the head of two methanization units since 2014. The company wanted to supply fuel to hybrid vehicles in the sector, including school transport, company fleets, agricultural vehicles and private cars. Their first BioGNV station, located in Verrières-en-Forez (42), was able to open its pumps to the public in September thanks to Clemessy’s intervention 

Robert Forez Énergie has developed two methanization units of 100 kW and 150 kW which produce electricity for resale, in order to make use of the biogas generated by the family farm Gaec du Pré Vert. The surplus energy from the farm also helps to heat the neighbouring hotel school in winter. A partnership has been concluded with the school.  

Company chairman Nicolas Robert, called on Clemessy to modernize the existing facility and its methanization process, so as to enable the connection of a BioGNV station accessible to the public. We supplied, installed and connected the new facilities. We also set up a low-voltage coupling/decoupling system (MicroEner) to secure the production facility connection to the public grid, explained business manager Emilien Jeay.  

Once this pilot station has proved its worth, Robert Forez Energie plans to build larger stations in Montbrison (42), Roanne (42) and Vichy (03). Our experts have been called on to estimate the cost of these new projects. In addition to recovering methane by cogeneration, this long-standing customer of the Clemessy agency in Montbrison also chose to entrust our specialists with connecting photovoltaic solar panels on the farm roof.