The Clemessy teams awarded for Hinkley Point C.

Energy Division

The Hinkley Point C Excellence Awards is an annual event held to recognise the most committed teams engaged in the construction of the UK’s first nuclear power station in a generation. The Efinor– EES- Clemessy consortium was shortlisted in the “Technical Collaboration” category and made it to the second step of the podium.

The HPC Excellence Awards recognised four essential themes: Construction, Personnel, Supply Chain and Technical & Engineering excellence across 13 categories.

The Main Control Room project team driven by the Efinor – EES-Clemessy consortium is responsible for the construction of the new power station’s two control rooms and a simulator.. The team was singled for their success in delivery during the awards ceremony held in Taunton, South West England, on 27 November 2019.

“This silver medal for Best Technical Collaboration rewards not only the Efinor– EES-Clemessy consortium but also the commitment of the whole Main Control Room project team working on the control rooms and ancillary premises in both Hinkley Point C EPR Unit, the management of our customer NNB GenCo and the technical support from Edvance” pointed out project manager Thibaut Stoessel.
The consortiums recognised in the Hinkley Point C Excellence Awards have already proven themselves in the past at the Flamanville EPR. Efinor’s partners EES-Clemessy and Edvance were able to demonstrate the compatibility of their know-how once again.

Photo credits : © EDF Energy