CNES testifies on the construction of the Ariane 6 mobile gantry by Eiffage Métal

Infrastructures Division

In this video, Pierre Guilhem from CNES explains how Eiffage Métal designed and built the Ariane 6 mobile gantry, enabling CNES to meet its target of twelve launches a year.

With its extraordinary dimensions - 90 m high, 50 m wide and weighing 8,000 tonnes - it is the largest structure ever built by CNES at the Kourou space base in French Guiana.

Eiffage Métal's recipe for success in this technical feat: cutting-edge engineering expertise combined with a mastery of safety constraints.

To find out more about this exceptional collaboration and the Ariane 6 project, visit our website: https://www.eiffagemetal.com/projet-ariane-6

Ariane 6: a major project won by the Eclair6 consortium led by Eiffage Génie Civil (leader) and its partners - Eiffage Métal, SEH Engineering GmbH, Eiffage Infra Guyane, Clemessy d'Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Eiffage Route, Axima and ICOP.

Credit: ESA/CNES