ÉcOasis® has arrived in Belleville-en-Beaujolais (69)!

Infrastructures Division

As part of the work to restructure the Rue de la Blanchisserie, the local authority tested our innovative solution for combating urban heat islands.

For this project, the Belleville en Beaujolais town council teamed up with the Aintegra Saône Beaujolais design office for the project management, and with a consortium comprising Eiffage Route Agence de Beaujeu (lead contractor) and Green Style for the construction. The primary objective was to implement a solution for the rational management of rainwater.

ÉcOasis® is a comprehensive solution for reducing urban heat island phenomena, with the aim of countering them by cooling the air by around 5°C. It combines permeable Bioklair® planted surfacing, a reservoir pavement system and appropriate vegetation.

The project at Belleville-en-Beaujolais involved laying CarbonLight® low-carbon asphalt for the roadway and Bioklair® permeable plant-based asphalt for the pavements. The buffer storage of around 500 m³, created under the entire roadway, acts as a reservoir for the new plant species planted along the pavement. Gutters from neighbouring homes connect to the reservoir under the road, limiting the risk of downstream flooding.

This operation marks a major step towards the bio-climatic town of the future for Belleville-en-Beaujolais.