A coated environmentally responsible at the foot of Mont Blanc: a great premiere

Infrastructures Division

On the night of September 18 to 19, the Eiffage Route teams successfully applied a carbon-neutral surfacing on the RN205 on behalf of the Mont-Blanc motorways and tunnel (ATMB).

On the 260 m of access road to the Mont Blanc tunnel on the Route Blanche (RN205), the link between the A40 and the tunnel, our teams applied their innovative asphalt solution in full width. lukewarm incorporating recycled materials and a plant-based binder, Biophalt®.
This is a first, which will be subject to technical monitoring for five years in order to confirm the good resistance of the material in this particular environment: 10,000 vehicles per day on the climb - 11% of which are heavy goods vehicles - and very low winter temperatures.
Through this new project, Eiffage Route is once again demonstrating its strong commitment to the Group's low-carbon strategy.

Photos Credit: Eiffage Route