Ævia completes the securing of the suspension bridge in Viterbe (81)

Infrastructures Division

In Tarn, the Ævia teams are completing the securing work on the suspension bridge – built in the 1930s – which spans the Agout River, a tributary of the Tarn.

Started in March, this intervention had to be interrupted and completed following the discovery of an anomaly on one of the main cables.

The Ævia teams, specialized in the repair of structures, proposed a solution to consolidate the piece by installing a clamp* before proceeding with the initially planned work: replacing the 3 hangers and reinstalling 2 others.

Thank you to Cerema, Bastien Vaurigaud and Ludovic Picard, Biep for their support, as well as the Tarn Department and Eiffage Route for their trust.

*Clamp: A malleable material plate added to each jaw of a vice to prevent damage to the piece during tightening.

Credit: Cédric Brunner