The Cutterhead of the Tunnel Boring Machine Jeanne Marvig Unveiled in Toulouse

Infrastructures Division

At the end of June, on the Toulouse Metro Line C construction site, the tunnel boring machine Jeanne Marvig was unveiled at the Colomiers Gare shaft site. The event was organized by Tisséo Ingénierie and attended by Jean-Michel Lattes and Karine Traval-Michelet, along with the consortium teams. Now, the Tunnel teams are hard at work assembling the machine.


Voici la traduction en anglais :

The design of the cutterhead, featuring the Occitan cross, highlights Toulouse's strong connection to its history and region. This cross, found on the coats of arms of the main Occitan lineages, on shields, and engraved in the Place du Capitole, is a powerful symbol of the pink city. Blood and gold, it represents the blazing sun and the spirit of the people.

Welcome to Jeanne Marvig, one of the tunnel boring machines that will excavate the 12.7 km of Lots 1 and 2 of the future line. It will begin operations between Colomiers Gare, the line's terminus, and the Laporte shaft on Lot 1.

Did you know? The names of the Toulouse Metro tunnel boring machines are references to women who have made significant contributions to the city's history. Jeanne Marvig, a name chosen in collaboration with the Académie des Jeux Floraux, was a poet renowned for "La Chanson de Toulouse," a long poem that crowned her successful and acclaimed career.

Consortium: Eiffage Génie Civil (lead contractor) – NGE - BTP
For Tisséo Ingénierie, Tisséo Collectivités