11072022-Inauguration RD924 - Flers Landigou - Biophalt

The Department of Orne (61) has chosen Biophalt® for the maintenance of the RD 924

Infrastructures Division

The Department of Orne has chosen to test Biophalt® for the maintenance of its departmental roads on the RD 924 between Flers and Landigou. Nearly 3,000 m of pavement were renovated by applying 3,000 tonnes of asphalt mix to a thickness of 4 cm in the wearing course.

An eco-responsible approach for ever greater user comfort

Biophalt® is a plant-based asphalt with high technical and environmental performance. It contributes to meeting the challenge of low-carbon roads through a combination of several innovations:

- the use of a biobased binder, derived from forestry and paper industry co-products, which replaces all the petroleum-based bitumen usually used
- the recycling of more than 40% of asphalt aggregates from existing pavements, which guarantees the preservation of natural resources of new quarry materials
- lowering the production temperature, which limits energy consumption and reduces CO2 emissions.

Thank you to the Department of Orne for its confidence.