Intervention EES Pyrenees

Dorsalys diagnoses pylon rebuilding work for RTE, at an altitude of 1,900 m in the Pyrenees

Energy Division

Our Dorsalys experts intervened in the Hautes-Pyrénées at the urgent request of RTE, to assess the damage caused by a collapsed pylon on the 150 kV power line linking Lau-Balagnas to Jurançon. Our team went to the site on 8 February last to make a diagnosis.


Our Dorsalys linemen reached the area on board a helicopter with RTE. Once "on the spot", at an altitude of 1,900 m they carried out laser and digital surveys on the damaged structure. They used a 3D scan (Leica RTC 360) enabling them to collect precise data to determine the straightness of the collapsed pylon. 

The data restitution led us to retain the pylon’s foundations, and our designer Gérald Fournier modelled the components to be replaced in 3D, using Tekla software. In a few months' time, the new pylon frame can be transported by helicopter to the top of the mountain for installation”, explained technical studies manager Paul Langford 

The responsive, ground-breaking approach to this fast-track pylon rebuilding project will enable its completion in summer 2023, when the infrastructure is to be put back into service by RTE.