Dorsalys: installing heat and chilled water networks in La Défense for Enertherm

Energy Division

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La Défense (92) heat and chilled water network distributor Enertherm has chosen to entrust our experts Dorsalys with connecting up Vinci Group’s new head office. This is a major project for the specialists at Eiffage Énergie Systèmes’ expertise brand dedicated to transport and network operator infrastructures.

«We have carried out the earthworks required to install a heat and a chilled water network, each composed of 2 pipelines, in order to supply the future Vinci headquarters with heating and air-conditioning” said business manager Estelle Cathelineau, in charge of the project’s financial aspect. « A trench 2.50 m wide by 2.10 m deep has been dug so that four tubes can be laid at the foot of the large multi-purpose Paris La Défense Arena. The heat network has been buried and installed in a concrete trough, while the chilled water network tubing runs through sand from a valve chamber on the existing network” she went on.
The first phase of the project kicked off on 26 November 2018 and was completed at the end of March. For Phase Two, our teams will take advantage of work on Departmental Road 914 announced by Hauts de Seine (92) Departmental Council, to route the network via La Défense boulevard. This second phase is due to begin in October 2019, for completion in March 2020. The heat and chilled water networks will then be extended further underground, to a depth of 3 metres.