Dorsalys regenerates three electrical substations for SNCF Réseau

Energy Division

SNCF Réseau, in charge of modernizing France’s rail network, has appointed our teams to gradually upgrade the electrical facilities in substations at Brevans (39), Gissey-sous-Flavigny and Verrey-sous-Salmaise (21) by 2023.  

Brevans substation provides the Dole-Belfort line with 25,000 V AC of electrical power, while Gissey et Verrey ensure a supply of 1,500 V DC of electrical energy to the Paris-Lyon-Marseille line. These two types of substation correspond to technological levels developed in the 1920s and 1950s. Brevans is the most recent. All the HV/MV facilities are in the outdoor unit, and the monitoring & control system is housed inside a building. In the other two substations however, the HV facilities are in the outdoor unit and the MV/LV equipment is installed in the building. Specific studies and works qualifications for both voltage levels are required in these substation operations, which need proven expertise and strict implementation of the specifications outlined and monitored by SNCF Réseau.  

“Brevans and Gissey substation shutdowns must be limited, and the outage will only be partial at Verrey.  To carry through each of the upgrading projects entrusted to us, we need to schedule meticulous works phasing with the SNCF Réseau teams, who are very involved in these operations that are essential for train traffic. We already met the first of this project’s challenges when Brevans substation went back into operation in a temporary situation, on 4 November as scheduled”, said business manager Fabien Ligonesche, in charge of the contract.  

Taking works phasing into account, this project must be carried out between 1st September 2020 and 1st February 2023. It includes complete replacement of all the HV/MV and LV equipment of the SNCF traction facilities “Power supply equipment for the electrified lines” (EALE) in the three substations. 

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