Dynae, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes ’s expertise brand invents the DygiVib app to facilitate remote diagnosis on rotating machines

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Eiffage Énergie Systèmes ’s expertise brand specializing in vibratory diagnosis for rotating machines has developed an app enabling customers to carry out autonomous vibration measurements

« In the past, certain customers visiting remote industrial plants or plants abroad had the good sense to ask us for a first opinion by sending us videos of machinery” explained Eiffage Énergie Systèmes - Dynae Director Jean-Luc Vasselin. We isolated the audio track signal to analyse the noise of the machine with our DynamX software, in order to establish an initial diagnosis”, he went on.    

The DygiVib app was developed in response to an increasing demand for remote diagnosis and completes our range of solutions in this field. It combines with Dygit1, a digital accelerometer with a magnet base which can be directly connected to a smartphone or tablet. The DygiVib app enables a recording of the raw vibratory time signal to be made. This can be directly analysed by Dynae’s experts. « Our customers can use the app and measure a number of indicators in real time as part of their occasional monitoring, to avoid stoppages or begin troubleshooting. They can also use it to check that their machines are compliant with current vibration standards. If they want further analysis of the data gathered, they can call on our services at any time. The first measurement analysis is free, and we then offer a fixed-price assistance package” explained Jean-Luc Vasselin. 
The data sent by DygiVib is directly compatible with the DynamX expertise software used by Dynae’s specialists and around a hundred customers. The CTMO® Mesure data collector with 4 synchronous channels developed by Dynae for the periodic vibration monitoring of rotating machines is also compatible with this data format.  
The DygiVib app has been available free of charge in Google Play Store since January 2019. The Dygit1 kit containing sensor and accessories is also on sale from Eiffage Énergie Systèmes – Dynae.

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