Eiffage Aménagement and Eiffage Immobilier inaugurate the new 25,000 m² Blanqui district in Bagnolet (93)

Construction Division

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iffage Aménagement and Eiffage Immobilier inaugurated this Tuesday, July 23, 2019, the new urban complex «Quartier Blanqui» located on the heights of Bagnolet. As part of the urban regeneration policy of the NPNRU district of Malassia, which the City wants, this operation creates a new neighbourhood dynamic with the renewal of the housing supply, redevelopment of public spaces and improved travel.

Eiffage Immobilier wanted to promote a mix of uses in the Blanqui district with:

  • 395 dwellings in accession,
  • social housing, purchased by I3F and France Habitation, and participatory housing divided into 8 buildings,
  • two nearby shops,
  • the reconstruction of a nursery school «la Pêche d'Or», a new nursery and a leisure centre.

The project was designed by Valero & Gadan/ Ameller and Dubois in coordination with AEC Architecture, Lelli Architectures, Daquin & Ferrière, Plateform Architecture. Particular attention was paid to landscape treatment by conserving existing trees and proposing a new green space.
Started in 2016, the work carried out by Eiffage Construction Habitat was organized in 3 phases. The Eiffage Route teams intervened on the roads.
A vocational integration operation was carried out in collaboration with the intermediary association LADOMIFA on this site. Six employees in insertion and four technical managers in rotation worked on the preservation of a Clos à Pêches.

Personalities present at the event:

  • Toni Di Martino - Mayor of Bagnolet,
  • Nicolas Gravit - Director of Eiffage Aménagement,
  • Olivier Bernard - Real Estate Director Ile-de-France for Eiffage Immobilier,
  • Jacques Dubois, Architect – Urban Planner (Ameller Agency – Dubois).