Eiffage Aménagement enters into an exclusive partnership with ArtStocK, an association that collects and recycles sets from the performing arts and audiovisual sectors

Construction Division

Under the terms of the agreement, ArtStock will be able to use the sites and future development projects to develop a variety of projects: a recycling platform, a temporary craft shop, a third place, the organisation of mediation activities and integration workshops, etc. The spaces will thus be used to promote the development of a social economy and will be occupied until the development project is launched.

This shared strategy of transitional urban planning also focuses on the notion of legacy, through the permanent establishment of the association in the area, or through ArtStocK's participation in the development project via direct contributions to works of art, donations of decorative materials, etc. 
This partnership is in line with the Eiffage Group's strategy of ecological transition by contributing to the development of the circular economy, art and culture within future neighbourhoods.