Eiffage Aménagement files 2 building permits in L'Haÿ-les-Roses, less than a year after the signing of the concession treaty!

Construction Division

In L'Haÿ-les-Roses, the

joint development zone

"Entrée de Ville – Paul Hochart" is progressing! Less than a year after the signing of the concession treaty, Eiffage Aménagement filed 2 building permits on July 30 for the school group and sports equipment.

On 30 July, Eiffage Aménagement submitted the building permits for 2 emblematic pieces of equipment for the future entrance to Haÿ-les-Roses Town: a school group and sports equipment.

This school group of 25 classes will accommodate kindergarten and elementary students as well as a leisure home without accommodation. The sports equipment will include a sports hall and a dojo for students and residents of the neighbourhood. The two buildings will be located on either side of the departmental green casting Bièvre-Lilas and will propose a unified architectural ensemble that will be realized by the grouping Atelier A/Concept & Eiffage Construction Equipements. Work will begin in early 2021.
As a whole, the joint development zone “Entrée de Ville – Paul Hochart” is a mixed program of 61,000m² of floor space that will renew the city’s housing supply and create a neighbourhood economic activity. The program of this operation aims to develop 900 housing units, including 50 social housing units and 175 housing units for young workers, 1,500 m2 of shops and services at the foot of buildings, as well as a new school group of 25 classrooms with sports equipment and a refectory.

This new district is part of an ambitious environmental approach, aiming in particular for an E3C1 certification. Work on this large joint project is expected to last until 2027.

Photo credits : Atelier A/Concept