Eiffage Aménagement signs the acquisition of 21 hectares of land from the PSA group at its Rennes site

Construction Division

Eiffage Aménagement has just acquired, from the PSA group, land covering almost 21 hectares on its historic site at Rennes-La Janais in the communes of Saint Jacques-de-la-Lande and Chartres de Bretagne. This land, located in the western sector of the car manufacturer's production site, includes several buildings and parking areas.

The project, carried out by Eiffage Aménagement, provides for the conservation of two buildings with a total surface area of 56,000 sqm and the maintenance of the activities of the occupying companies. A new business park with a surface area of almost 40,000 sqm, enhanced by planted areas, will also be developed with Eiffage Immobilier: a synergistic project!

The Brittany Region and Rennes Métropole, together with the SPLA Territoires, aim to develop, on a further 53 hectares transferred to the region in 2015, a 4.0 industrial centre of excellence focusing on mobility and new construction techniques.

The aim of this renewal of the business park, in which Eiffage Aménagement is fully involved, is to ensure the future of this centre of industrial excellence in Rennes-La Janais by consolidating its primary vocation as an industrial activity.

The commercialization of the first new buildings will begin this year, with the first deliveries scheduled for 2023.