Eiffage and Marseille-Provence Airport have just been awarded the concession to operate Lille-Lesquin Airport

Eiffage Group

The company formed by Eiffage and Marseille-Provence Airport, in which Eiffage holds a majority stake, has just been awarded the concession to operate Lille-Lesquin Airport by SMALIM, the joint association of Lille-Lesquin and Merville aerodromes.

The concession company will be responsible for making investments as well as servicing, maintaining and operating the airport over a 20-year period as of 1 January 2020. At this date, it will integrate the personnel of the current operator.
The project includes the work to renovate and extend the existing terminal to improve customer hosting and support growth of the airport. The quality of service will also be enhanced through a vast programme to deploy digital tools designed to improve the customer experience.
Environmental considerations will also be given their full importance, in particular through an ambitious plan to develop public transport connections to the airport and reduce its carbon footprint through the Airport Carbon Accreditation scheme.
Eiffage and Marseille-Provence Airport are committed to ensuring Lille-Lesquin Airport will fully endorse its role to drive the regional economy alongside other local stakeholders in the economy and the tourism industry.
This new contract enables Eiffage to bolster its presence in the Hauts-de-France region, where it has operated for many years and employs 6,000 people.
After the Eiffage-APRR consortium was recently named single preferred bidder for the concession of the Route Centre-Europe Atlantique (RCEA) in the department of Allier in central France, this success further demonstrates the effectiveness of Eiffage’s construction contractor and concession operator business model. It is also in line with its strategy to diversify the Group and extend the duration of its concessions portfolio.
Marseille-Provence Airport brings its expertise as an airport operator and concession company that is able to combine short-term decisions with a long-term vision and develop an airport strategy that acts as a pillar for regional growth.     

The project clearly reflects Marseille-Provence Airport’s strategy to leverage its expertise in other regions in France and abroad. It gives Marseille-Provence, a major international airport, the opportunity to demonstrate to long-standing heavyweights in the industry the full extent of its capabilities and expertise.
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