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Eiffage becomes the largest shareholder of Getlink, Channel Tunnel concession company

Eiffage Group

Eiffage has today entered into an agreement to acquire from TCI Fund Management Limited (the "Seller") a block of 13.71% of the share capital1of Getlink SE ("Getlink") representing 75,383,972 shares (the "Block").

Following the settlement which should occur within two working days of the conclusion of the agreement, the Block will be added to the 5.08% acquired in 2018 and Eiffage will hold 18.79% of Getlink's share capital and become its largest shareholder.

Getlink is the concession company of the Channel Tunnel until 2086, a major mobility, trade and electricity transmission infrastructure in Europe.

This operation is part of the Group's strategy to diversify its concession portfolio in its target territories. Already strong with numerous concessions or transport infrastructure partnership contracts, Eiffage is extending, through this acquisition, the duration of its portfolio while strengthening its participation in a key player in the decarbonization of transport in Europe.

Eiffage is a renowned industrial in the rail and mobility markets in Europe. The Group participated in the civil engineering works of the Channel Tunnel and takes part today in the construction of the Euralpin Lyon-Turin Tunnel. It is involved in numerous track-laying, electrical, ventilation and monitoring packages as part of the Grand Paris Express and is modernising the signalling on the Paris-Lyon high-speed line.

Eiffage is also the concessionaire and maintainer of the Bretagne-Pays de la Loire high-speed line, carried out in design-build by all the Group's businesses.

Eiffage supports Getlink's current strategy and will seek the appointment of a number of directors consistent with its capital holding.
Shareholder since 2018, Eiffage intends being a long-term investor in Getlink and reserves the right to continue its purchases depending on market conditions. However, Eiffage indicates that it does not plan to file a public offer on the balance of the capital.

This significant investment of 1,194 million euros (15.84 euros per share) was financed by Eiffage from its available cash and is not subject to any conditions. In the future, the Group could structure financing around its stake in Getlink.

If Eiffage were to sale the Block within eighteen months of its acquisition, part of the capital gain would be paid back to the Seller.