Eiffage Civil Engineering is carrying out the earthworks and deep foundations on the Toulouse metro project

Infrastructures Division

Focus on Line C of the Toulouse Metro. Earthworks and deep foundation work are currently underway on the stations and ancillary structures.


  • Installation of horizontal shoring composed of wales and struts to support the walls of the shaft.
  • Removal of excavated material to the surface.
  • Loading of trucks and disposal of excavated material.

Lot 1: Earthwork operations are nearly completed at the Colomiers station and are ongoing at the Airbus Saint Martin station.

Lot 2: Earthworks are in progress at the Sept Deniers Stade Toulousain and Fondeyre stations, as well as at the GAD Sud structure.

To raise the excavated material to the surface, there is a veritable parade of excavators on site:

  • Long-reach excavators, also known as “giraffe” excavators.
  • Telescopic boom excavators, referred to as “chameleon” excavators.
  • Cable-operated hydraulic excavators or lattice boom cable excavators.

Civil Engineering Phase 1:

Once the earthwork is completed, the construction of the concrete base slab at the bottom of the shaft will begin, at depths ranging from 25 to 40 meters. The Colomiers Gare Shaft and La Vache station are finalizing the base slab while the tunnel teams are in the installation phase.


  • Eiffage Civil Engineering (lead contractor), NGE - BTP.
  • Tisséo Engineering - Tisséo Communities.

Credit: MXR Communication