Eiffage Construction chosen to build the temporary city and shelter of the «Dragon», future giant attraction of the beach of Calais

Construction Division

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The city of Calais has just awarded the contract for the design-realization of the provisional city and the shelter of the «Dragon» to Eiffage Construction. From October 2019, these two buildings will be the home of an articulated dragon-shaped machine that will show the most reckless locals and tourists of Calais beach in a new way!

The nave - glass shelter of the «Dragon» of 420 m² - as well as the provisional city of a surface of 500 m² - constituted of sanitary spaces and a tea room - will be erected directly on the port of Calais facing the sea for a period of 24 months before the final dwelling place of the «Dragon» is ready.
The «Dragon» is currently in production in Nantes by artist François Delaroziere. This 70-ton articulated machine will move mechanically and will be the new attraction of the city of Calais since it will be able to transport up to 60 people along the beach of Calais from the end of October 2019.
The teams of Eiffage Construction Côte d'Opale will therefore have a period of 5 months to build the two structures, which requires a great deal of preparation so that they are operational in time. They will rely on the technical expertise of the Eiffage Energie Systèmes teams for the realization of the electrical lot and the specific lighting.
The provisional city and nave were designed to be 100% removable and from 2021 onwards, they can be recycled into cultural and/or sports equipment.