Eiffage Construction delivers the elevation of the school group Badinter, realized in occupied site in mixed wood/metal

Construction Division

The teams of Eiffage Construction have just delivered to the City of Asnières-sur-Seine the elevation of the school group Elisabeth Badinter which consists in the creation of 12 additional classes to meet the needs of the developing district. The site was built on an occupied site, while the school was in full operation, and with a limited right-of-way on the road. The presence of wood in this construction is important: the structure of the extension, like the elevation, rests on a mixed wood/metal frame, and the interior cladding is made of wood on the walls and ceilings.

Imagined by the firm YOONSEUX Architectes, the project used noble materials, and was carried out in 2 phases by our teams of Eiffage Construction Equipements Services:

  • The first phase met short deadlines, and this is even more true for work on an occupied site: it extended from January 2019 to July 2019, and consisted of the extension of an R+1 level including 5 classrooms and 1 workshop attached to the existing R+1, with a preliminary phase of reinforcements of existing underground structures.
  • The second phase included the complete creation of 2 floors in raised consisting of 6 classrooms, 1 multipurpose room of 250m², 2 sanitary blocks, 1 workshop, 1 library and 1 outdoor courtyard on the top floor. At R+2 and R+3, the extension has the particularity of being cantilevered, which means that it extends beyond the supporting walls, it is suspended on one side of the facade. The outer walls of the 2.80-metre high outer courtyard are made of Ultra High Performance Concrete (B.F.U.P.) made with the B.S.I. department of Eiffage (Special Industrial Concrete), which is part of Eiffage Civil Engineering.

All of the new buildings are covered with weathered copper siding.
The construction site meets the RT2012 thermal standard.

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