Eiffage Construction lays the foundation stone for the Central Culinary Production Unit at Limoges University Hospital

Construction Division

The foundation stone for the CHU's Central Culinary Production Unit (UCPC) was recently laid in Limoges in the presence of Hélène Pauliat, President of the Limoges CHU Supervisory Board, and Jean Francois Lefebvre, Director General of the Limoges CHU. Eiffage Construction is the leader of the consortium formed for the design, construction, fitting out, maintenance and upkeep contract, alongside the architectural firm Sextant and BEGC, Ingeropole, Orfea, Defretin, Engie, Cofely, Engie, Ineo and Tout pour le froid.

Up to 10,000! This is the number of meals per day that the UCPC will be able to produce for all the sites of the Limoges University Hospital and the Saint Junien Hospital, located to the west of Limoges.

The building will cover a total surface area of 3,222 sqm, of which 2,500 m² on the ground floor will be used for production, preparation and storage, and a 700 sqm level will house offices and technical premises.

The UCPC, which is RT2012 certified, has received special attention in the energy recovery processes, as well as in the choice of LED lighting and power optimizers, while favouring natural lighting to reduce the building's energy consumption.

The project includes a CSR component with the preparation of dishes that will be frozen on site to optimise logistics management and reduce food waste. In addition, the project aims to eliminate plastic containers in favour of sustainable containers such as individual porcelain plates.

Our teams are currently working on the structural phase until February 2022 for delivery in autumn 2022.