Eiffage Construction revives the Commissariat de la Marine de l'Arsenal Royal, a historic monument in Rochefort

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After 4 years of work and more than a hundred companions mobilized, the rehabilitation of the Commissariat de la Marine de l'Arsenal Royal combines heritage preservation and architectural modernity. The building, classified Historical Monument, was built in the seventeenth century by the architect Louis-François Le Vau and transformed into a high-end residence.

In 2015, work began on the rehabilitation of the Commissariat de la Marine de l'Arsenal Royal in Rochefort. Today, this 36,900 m2 architectural complex named «Magasin aux Vivres» built in the 17th century by architect Louis-Francois Le Vau, consists of 7 buildings in R+2 to R+5 classified Historical Monument whose heritage value required a high level of quality in the renovation works.
The extensive work undertaken allowed the building to rediscover all its majesty, now housing 238 high-end homes, 234 parking spaces in the basement, a restaurant with roof top and a reception room.
The titanic work of the residence, begun in 2015 and carried out as a general enterprise by more than 100 companions, followed several steps:

  • clearing and removing asbestos from buildings,
  • strengthening structures and renovation of 12 000m2 of stone facades,
  • creation of a basement parking with restoration of existing vaults.

The condition of the buildings has sometimes required the complete reconstruction of floors and structures or the conservation of existing concrete or wood structures. A massive 3,500 m² canopy has been integrated into the roof providing natural lighting in the public areas and in the dwellings. Finally, the creation of a central court of 5,000 m² serves all the buildings.
To learn more, discover the video of this extraordinary rehabilitation operation :