Eiffage Construction, in synergy with Eiffage Energie Systèmes and Eiffage Route, delivers Europe's largest hydrogen fuel cell plant for the Symbio group (69)

Construction Division

Located in the heart of Chemical Valley and the Lyon metropolitan area, this new site covers more than 8 hectares and houses Symbio's head office (Forvia/Faurecia, Michelin and Stellantis), its R&D centre and a high-capacity hydrogen systems manufacturing unit. Carried out by Eiffage Construction as leader of the Design and Build consortium comprising Ingerop, Groupe 6, Arcadis, ER2I, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Eiffage Route, Demcy and Exact Acoustic, the project is part of an overall approach to growth between 2023 and 2030 and embodies Symbio's commitment to becoming a world leader in hydrogen mobility, a fast-growing technology that holds great promise and innovation.

For Symbio, "A Faurecia Michelin Hydrogen Company", our teams, working in a consortium with Ingerop, Groupe 6, Arcadis, ER2I, Eiffage Énergie Systèmes, Eiffage Route, Demcy and Exact Acoustic, built a multifunctional site comprising a hydrogen fuel cell production plant, logistics warehouse, research and training centre and head office.

Rooted in a rich industrial past, the Saint Fons site is firmly positioned as the spearhead of the energy transition programme supported by France and the European Union. The project has multiple objectives: from day one, it aims to achieve "ZERO EMISSION" status, symbolising responsible, low-carbon industries.

Our expertise has been put to work for Symbio, designing high-performance solutions that incorporate the latest environmental standards, architectural research, quality materials and energy optimisation. This proactive approach has resulted in a number of exemplary initiatives:

  • Selective deconstruction of facilities, followed by careful recovery and reuse of materials, significantly reducing the need to transport materials;
  • A "no exit" approach for contaminated soil, ensuring responsible and environmentally-friendly treatment;
  • Installation of the equipment and machinery required for the activities
  • Design, installation and maintenance of HVAC systems to optimise energy efficiency and user comfort.
  • The recovery of waste heat, re-injected into the office heating network, demonstrating our commitment to energy efficiency;
  • Electrical installations, including automation;
  • Electricity generated by hydrogen fuel cell tests is fed back into the Symbio network, demonstrating our commitment to optimising every available resource;
  • The installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof;
  • The integration of BMS (Building Management System) and BMS (Centralised Technical Management System) to ensure intelligent, energy-efficient control of technical installations;
  • Installation of an electrolyser enabling Symbio to produce its own hydrogen, a major step forward in our ongoing quest for innovation and sustainability;
  • Audiovisual integration to meet visual and auditory communication needs;
  • Energy-efficient outdoor lighting, ensuring safety and comfort in outdoor areas;
  • Operation and maintenance of the installations.

The architecture of this project is an exceptional technological and social showcase for Symbio, highlighting the remarkable modularity of the spaces. Covering an area of more than 25,000 m², including 6,500 m² dedicated to controlled-atmosphere rooms, the site stands out for both its functionality and its aesthetic appeal.

Faced with the challenges of urban, economic and landscape transformation, the Symbio project is part of the renewal of the Chemical Valley. As well as being an essential industrial hub, it is also intended to be a green hub, with green roofs and high-quality green spaces. These developments reflect the site's commitment to sustainable development, and the project is aiming to achieve BREEAM Very Good 65% and carbon neutral certification.

When completed, the Saint Fons site is expected to accommodate more than 650 employees, spread across the production centre, research and development, logistics warehouse, business support facilities and head office.

This major project was made possible by the exceptional collaboration of all the teams involved. A big well done to everyone for this remarkable achievement.

Contracting authority: Symbio
Assistant project manager: EGIS
Control office: QUALICONSULT