Francheville_centre aquatique

Eiffage Construction wins the "Aquavert" project, a new aquatic centre in Francheville (69)

Construction Division

The project involves the construction of a new aquatic centre in Francheville, with a total surface area of almost 4,850 m2, of which 785 m2 will be used for swimming pools. The two-part global public performance contract, won by the consortium headed by Eiffage Construction Rhône Loire, includes the construction of a new aquatic centre and the development of outdoor areas in part 1, followed by the removal of asbestos and demolition of the existing building and the construction of a 150-space car park in part 2. Wood will have a special place in the project as it will be the structuring material in the pool hall. It will also be found in abundance in the interior cladding and in the exteriors, since the wide green spaces are the specificity and originality of the Aquavert park. Work will start in January 2023.

The sports and leisure facility, built in the 1970s in the heart of Greater Lyon, covers more than 5 hectares and has a vast wooded park. It is part of the history and geography of the Charbonnières valley, an area in the west of the Lyon urban area.
In concrete terms, the centre will offer an indoor aquatic area comprising

  • 1 sports pool of 375m2, 25 metres long with 6 lanes;
  • 1 mixed pool of 350m2 with a play area with massaging benches and areas for activities (aquabike, aquagym, swimming lessons);
  • 1 paddling pool of 60 m2 and two indoor slides;
  • 2 changing rooms (toilets, collective and individual showers);
  • ancillary premises (reception, administration, technical premises);
  • outdoor areas (water play area, plant and mineral beaches, forecourt and access).

A noble and natural material, in harmony with the natural character of the site, wood has been chosen to be at the heart of the whole project. It will be of French origin and systematically from sustainably managed forests with an FSC or PEFC label.
The choice of wood was also made for the load-bearing structure of the pool hall. The main beams of this wooden framework will be left exposed; they bring rhythm to this large space and warm up the interior of the complex. The wooden cladding used inside will effectively deal with the acoustics of the pool hall, creating a pleasant atmosphere in all areas and ensuring that recreational and leisure activities can coexist.
The large green spaces are the specificity and originality of the Aquavert park; the development of the park is one of the spearheads of this operation. The aim is to develop a positive biodiversity project that responds to a desire to re-vegetate in order to improve the comfort of users and to respond to the challenges of adapting to climate change. The objectives defined are :

  • to conserve a maximum amount of vegetation
  • to ensure the sustainability of the vegetated areas and to choose plants that are in keeping with local ecosystems and the control of water consumption;
  • to integrate plants (typology, species, interest, flowering) and species of great diversity;
  • plan a project that requires little or no maintenance in order to facilitate alternative techniques to chemical weeding (manual maintenance, differentiated maintenance, free evolution, etc.);
  • to propose an exterior that is designed to minimise energy consumption and to limit the amount of light that is unfavourable to animal life in an urban environment.

In addition, the energy performance commitments are illustrated in the production of 852MW/year of renewable energy. As far as reuse is concerned, it is planned to reuse as much as possible of the existing materials for the construction of the car park (in particular for the backfill and road surfaces).
The centre is scheduled to open in November 2024.
Congratulations to our teams in the Centre-Est region and to the teams of Eiffage Energie Systèmes - Centre-Est (co-contractor of the consortium for the HVAC and PB installations and the operation-maintenance and performance commitments as well as for the CFO and CFA installations), for winning this new operation.
Project owner: SIVU AQUAVERT
Project management contractors: TNA Architects, Hors-Champs, Quadriplus Groupe/
Contractors: Clevia, Eiffage Energie IT, Aqua-Tech, Snidaro