Eiffage Construction wins the construction of the new college of Remoulins, a wood and low carbon building

Construction Division

This major project was won in general business by Eiffage Construction on behalf of the Departmental Council of Gard (in South-East of France). It consists of the demolition of the old school and the construction of the new college of Remoulins, both carried out in an ambitious environmental approach, especially with a great mix of wood/concrete.

Pure product of a desire to include the environmental aspect in the project, the future building aims the low carbon label E3C1, the Gold label «sustainable building of Occitanie» and meets the latest environmental regulations by being designated BEPOS (Building with Positive Energy), which means it will produce more energy than it consumes for its operation. It will replace the nearby former college, whose demolition includes the reclamation or re-use of materials.

This project is technical, innovative and testifies to the expertise of our employees: built largely on stilts, because partially located in flood zone, it will welcome 720 students in the fall of 2021. It uses Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology, which consists of the use of 3D working methods and numerical models that contain intelligent and structured data.

Designed by NM2A architecture, the project uses architectural concrete, a decorative material used indoors and outdoors for the construction of walls, facades, balconies or stairs.

Photo credits: NM2A